Bridget Luff

Visual identity for website

Working with Pedal is always a pleasure. They listen to my ideas and take them on board whilst bringing in their own distinctive flair. Pedal are very professional and deliver beautiful work on schedule.

Bridget Luff, Yoga Instructor

Logo design

The wonderful Bridget Luff a yoga teacher has worked with us on a range of projects including most recently logo and design elements for her fantastic new website. This consisted of developing a new logo, editing images and creating a colour scheme for the site. We started with the creation of Bridget’s new logo, steered by illustrations and an aesthetic she provided, which gave us great direction to lead from. A handwritten logo using our designer’s calligraphy skills were the perfect fit, and Bridget was delighted with the design deliverables which work as her full name and as stand alone lettering.

Two floating cards, the first with three blocks of colour on it. The blocks are green, dark blue and grey. The second card over laps the first card and has a photo of a woman sitting down in long grass on it.

Colour palette

Once the logo was agreed upon we put together a colour palette that Bridget could implement across her new website. We opted for blues and greens, with muted tones to complement. These could then be used for icons, typography and other small elements of the site that would help to support the brand as a whole.

The visual identity

With a new logo and colour palette created this left time for a full edit of Bridget’s photographs to ensure they were in keeping with her new visual identity. When all the fresh elements were brought together, Bridget was pleased to have a look and feel for her new site that reflected the brand and brought her design to life.

Ipad and iPhone with webpages

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