Visual identity, website design and build

Pedal are an absolute pleasure to work with, creative, professional and organised. Every collaboration with Montfort has run really smoothly, with easy management, clear efficient timelines, and our clients have been really pleased with the work and delivery.

Ben Matthews, Director

Visual Identity

Montfort approached Pedal looking to refresh their visual identity and rebuild their website. Montfort are a successful digital communications agency, and they needed fresh branding to reflect their company more effectively. We created a logo and a website design that satisfied both their needs and those of their clients. This process began with the creation of a colour scheme, new typography and a logo, For the logo we created a handwritten version of their name which could be used as the full “Montfort” or alone as “M”. Montfort use this new brand identity across all printed and digital materials.

Montfort branded documents, this includes a notebook, envelopes, two pencils
Ipad with different pages of the Montfort website being displayed on its screen

Website design and build

We worked through the Montfort site looking for the most effective way to present their content. After providing a wireframe we applied the new visual identity to the design and worked through building the new Montfort site.

The final site design and guidelines

We provided Montfort with a refreshed brand guidelines, site and logo that they can now confidently present to new clients. The colour palette combines pastel green tones that compliment the style of photography used on the site and the overall bright, clean aesthetic we were aiming for. Their content was given a clearer hierarchy and we implemented the use of icons to help illustrate the team’s collective skillset.

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Laptop displaying Montfort website on its screen

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